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Excursions, culture and tradition – the valley is versatile

Tradition is a priority for us

Sölden is the perfect starting point for numerous interesting destinations on your summer holidays and winter holidays in Sölden.

Explore the cultural and historic treasures of Ötztal Valley, or experience spectacular highlights in all of Tyrol.

Especially popular is the breath-taking Timmelsjoch Pass (scenic road) to South Tirol/Italy, the impressive Stuibenfall waterfall, the highest in Tirol, the historic “Golden Roof” in Innsbruck or the Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens.

Delve into the wonderful world of Camping Sölden.

Cultural events

Countless clubs and groups upholding local customs protect the traditions in Ötztal.

“Passing on traditions” is the motto under which the local countrywomen treat visitors to the summer concerts by the Sölden music group to traditional performances from the region.

Attractions in Ötztal and surroundings

Alpine Zoo Innsbruck

The zoological garden in the provincial capital is considered Europe’s highest situated zoo and, with its more than 2,000 animals and 150 different species, provides an exciting overview of the wildlife that can be and could be found in Europe over the course of time.

The Alpine Zoo also houses a cold water aquarium with rare indigenous fish and species.

Ötzi Village

Ötzi, the man from the ice, was the inspiration behind the archaeological open-air park. Insights into the life of our forefathers around 5,000 years ago vividly imparted.

European bison and wild horses, Mangalitza pigs and wild goats, sheep and even a tame squirrel will thrill not just young visitors to the Ötzi Village.

Timmelsjoch Pass

The Timmelsjoch Pass makes for a very special highlight in your Tirol summer holidays. The drive across the 2,509-metre high pass leads through the Ötztal glacier world into the South Tirolean vineyards of the Passeier Valley to Merano and further on south.

The “secret gap” in the Alps, also known as “the direct route to the south”, allows you a day’s outing full of unforgettable impressions and will give you a better understanding of the most beautiful areas in North and South Tirol.

At the Timmelsjoch Pass, there is also the new pass museum. With its unusual architecture, it catches the eye. Entering, visitors will learn interesting facts in an “ice cave” about the construction of the high alpine road 50 years ago. From October to May, Timmelsjoch Pass is mostly closed for winter.

Site of the Ötzi find

Near the Similaun glacier in the Ötztal Alps, on 19 September 1991, the German mountaineering couple Erika and Helmut Simon by accident discovered the mummified corpse of a man.

While traversing the Tisenjoch Pass at around 3,000m altitude, they came across the archaeological highlight.

Zirbenwald nature trail

The “Obergurgl pine forest” extends from 1,950m to 2,180m above sea level at the southern end of the village. The path leading through the pine forest and has 22 signposted stations.

For centuries, this forest enjoyed the special protection of local residents and was declared a natural landmark in 1963.

Minerals exhibition Silbertal

Its hard-won gems and countless other minerals currently adorn the Silbertal alpine cabin. Apart from rock stairs studded with garnets, you’ll also find minerals from all over the world which were traded at various minerals shows.

One of the best collector’s items – the largest individual garnet in Europe – can be admired at the Silbertal mountain inn.

Ötztal Museum of Local History

Immerse yourself in the world of the 1950s and get high on the lifestyle and haunts of that time. This gives the museum the additional role of a rural-social studies museum.

In social contrast to the stately Mittelflurhaus (farmhouse type with curved window grilles and façade paintings) stands the modest blocked Seitenflurhaus (building where the main entrance is at the gable end). A rich collection of various equipment completes the documentation of a bygone rural living and working environment.

Rofenhöhe Farms

Explore close-up the location for the famous movie “WALLY OF THE VULTURES” starring Heidemarie Hatheyer. As early as in the 13th century, shepherds established the first settlement.

Today, the area is a popular meeting place for mountain and hiking lovers, as most tours and mountain hikes lead across the Rofenhöfe farms and the famous suspension bridge.

Stuibenfall Waterfall

For even more adventure, a visit to the breathtaking Stuibenfall waterfall in Umhausen is in order. Falling a stately 159m, the waterfall is the highest in Tirol.

Furthermore, there is a viewing platform right by the Niederthaier state road. It offers the opportunity to view the Stuibenfall from above and to take in this natural spectacle at your own pace.

Alpine Coaster Imst – the longest Alpine roller-coaster in the world

If you want to combine a sunny day with the family with a scenic hike, or if you’re more of an aficionado, then the Alpinecoaster in Imst is the perfect destination for you.

With a length of around 3.5km, the summer toboggan run is a unique and true adventure for young and old. Adventure and fun in the midst of the idyllic and peaceful mountain backdrop of Hochimst will give you family holidays in Tirol a very special feel like you’ve never experienced before. This is something you should absolutely not miss!

Piccard Memorial

A true spectacle awaits your discovery in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl. The memorial commemorates the famous emergency landing by Piccard in 1931. Back then, the professor and his assistant set out on a high-altitude flight and were the first ever to reach the stratosphere at 16,000km in a balloon.

The rescue on the Gurgler Ferner glacier made the headlines all over the world back then. Piccards notes from the time: “Beautiful, unknown highlands, basket and balloon lying on a glacier.” When on activity holidays in Ötztal, the glacier village at around 1,930m above sea level imparts a sense of alpine peace and equilibrium in summer as in winter. The perfect destination for nature lovers.

Further interesting attractions include:

  • Swarovski Crystal Worlds
  • Innsbruck – Old city, Ambras Castle, Isel mountain
  • Reschen pass
  • Merano