Hiking Sölden

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Fun & Alpine Air

Hiking in Ötztal

On your hiking holidays in Ötztal a variation of the most diverse alpine elements makes an experience par excellence.

With the super infrastructure in the entire region you are independent and can thus explore the diversity of the Tirolean mountain and hiking paths at your leisure.

The divine backdrop covers more than 250 peaks over 3,000 metres and never fails to impress.

The combination of fresh alpine air, cool mountain lakes and streams gives strength and peace.

Adventurous pros as well as leisure hikers will get their money’s worth in Ötztal.

Take a break on a traditional hut

More than 99 alpine huts and snack stations are sure to sweeten every hike and end each tour on a cosy note.

Thanks to the mountain trail seal of quality, our hiking trails are signposted and allow divine days of activity even without a mountain guide.

Sölden is also a perfect starting point for various summit tours.

Some of our breath-taking lookout mountains and huts should not be missed by any means. But good fitness, alpine experience and the appropriate gear should always be considered. Here you’ll find more details on hiking in Ötztal.