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Sölden in Tyrol – A climbing paradise

Climbing dream in the alpine region. The granite climbing area leaves nothing to be desired and offers more than 600 routes of easy, moderate levels of difficulty and demanding routes. From secured via ferrata, plaisir climbing to alpine climbing tours including summit conquests - a wide range for all climbing enthusiasts.

Climbing in the Ötztal

Both indoor and outdoor there are numerous climbing walls and gardens available which you can climb. Another characteristic of the Ötztal are the rugged mountain ranges that tempt you to adventure.

You will find perfectly groomed routes on your climbing holiday, so you can relax and enjoy the massive world of the Alps from a bird’s eye view. The nature and infrastructure enable sport and fun for everyone, and climbing courses are also offered for beginners.

Climbing in any weather

If the weather is not right and you feel the urge to conquer the mountains for yourself, you will of course find other exciting options in addition to our in-house climbing wall at Camping Sölden. The Imst climbing hall promises pure fun and is easily accessible by bus.

All-rounders close at hand

The climbing garden at the Moosalm, 2 km away from us / from Camping Sölden, which can be reached within 15 minutes on foot, offers a selection of over 32 routes, including three multi-pitch routes and one via ferrata.

  • Sölden / Moosalm (32 routes, 3a – 7a +)
  • Via ferrata Sölden- Mooslam (Diff. C, variant D, 80 m, climbing length 80 m)

Sport climbing

20 perfectly secured sports climbing gardens adorn the Ötztal from the valley entrance to Obergurgl. The valley is one of the top areas in Austria and is an absolute MUST for rock enthusiasts. You can find a small selection below.

  • Sölden / Freizeitarena (6 Routen, 5c – 7c)
  • Sölden / Moosalm (32 routes, 3a – 7a +)
  • Längenfeld / Oberried (142 routes, 3b – 7c)
  • Längenfeld / Nösslach (72 routes, 5a – 8a +)
  • Längenfeld / Auplatte (41 routes, 4a – 7c)
  • Längenfeld / Astlehn (12 routes, 6b – 8a +)
  • Längenfeld / Nösslach / Roxete (5 routes, 6c +)
  • Obergurgl KG Zirbenwald (21 routes, 3b – 6c +)
  • Sautens / Rammelstein (26 routes, 4b – 7b +)
  • Sautens / Ritzlerhof (4 routes, 4a – 4c)
  • Tumpen / Engelswand (72 routes, 3b – 8a +)
  • Tumpen / Armelen (10 routes, 7b – 8c)
  • Oetz (46 routes, 3a – 7c)
  • Area 47 / bridge piers (4 routes, 6c + – 8a)
  • Aschbach (9 routes, 6a + – 7c +)
  • Haiming / KG Simmering (43 routes, 3c – 6c +)
  • Haiminger climbing garden (9 routes, 4b – 6c)
  • Climbing garden Piburg (9 routes, 4a -6a)
  • Niederthai (132 routes, 5a – 8c + / 9a)
  • Winnebachsee / Kleinkanada (24 routes, 2 – 6a)

Multi pitch in the Ötztal

For those who are familiar with climbing technique and rope science, there are 5 secured areas with sophisticated tours.

  • Längenfeld Nösslach (9 routes, level of difficulty 5c – 8a +)
  • Längenfeld Burgsteinerwand (2 routes, difficulty level 6b – 7a)
  • Tumpen Engelswand (3 routes, level of difficulty 4c – 7c +)
  • Haiming Geierwand (27 routes, difficulty level 3c – 6c +)
  • Haiming Simmering (18 routes, difficulty level 4c – 6b +)

via ferrata

Climb the Alps safely on a tightrope. Rope bridges, ladders, waterfalls and overhanging terrain – sporting adventures for young and old.

  1. Kühtaier Panorama via ferrata (Diff. D / E, 800hm, climbing length 450m)
  2. Stuibenfall via ferrata (Diff. C, 400hm, 450m climbing length)
  3. Lehner waterfall via ferrata (Diff. C variant C / D, 300hm, 180m climbing length)
  4. Burgsteinwand – Reinhard Schiestl via ferrata (Diff. D, 200hm, climbing length 300m)
  5. Via ferrata Sölden- Mooslam (Diff. C, variant D, 80 m, climbing length 80 m)
  6. Schwärzenkamm via ferrata (Diff. B / C, 350hm, climbing length 700m)
  • Via ferrata Obergurgl – Zirbenwald (Diff. B / C, 100hm, climbing length 400m)
  • Haiming Gaierwand (Diff. C, 410hm, 800m climbing length)
  • Practice via ferrata Piburg (Diff. B / C, 50hm, climbing length 105m)

Family climbing

You will find ideal conditions to venture into the vertical in the Oberried climbing garden. Easy routes to start with combined with an idyllic picnic area. If you still have enough energy, there is the opportunity to let off steam in the immediate vicinity by the stream.

  • Längenfeld Oberried (142 routes, difficulty level 2a – 7c)

Climbing parks

Are you looking for an extra dose of adrenaline? You are sure to find the kick you need at the following attractions. Experience the ultimate thrill high up in the treetops at lofty heights.

  • Area 47 (27m high lead climbing area – highest artificial climbing wall in Austria, directly under the Achbrücke)
  • Sautens nature high ropes course (high quality high ropes course and forest rope course with 200m ziplines)
  • Ötz Feelfree climbing tower (10m high – for beginners and beginners, outdoor)
  • Fascinatour outdoor center Haiming (70m² climbing wall and 6m high abseiling platform)

Ice climbing

Winter temperatures, snow and frozen waterfalls. You can conquer the fascinating ice formations with ice ax, crampons and ice ropes. The icy variant for alpine climbers.

  • Längenfeld / Mürbihl with lighting from 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. (difficulty WI 4+, 2 pitch lengths)
  • Längenfeld / Kriseila (difficulty WI 4+, 6 pitches, 240m altitude)
  • Umhausen / Spider, El Gringo Fix and Foxi (difficulty WI 2/5 +, 3-4 pitches, 70-190mm height)
  • Umhausen / Meister Proper difficulty (WI 2/5 +, 3-4 pitches, 70-190m altitude)
  • Oetz / Scooby Doo, Ghostbuster 1 & 2 (difficulty WI 2 + / 5 +, 1-2 pitches, 15-35m height)
  • Oetz / Eis am Stiel (difficulty WI 4/4 +, 1 pitch, 50m height)
  • Oetz / Asterix, Obelix, Atlantis (difficulty WI 2/3 +, 2 pitches, 75m height)

climbing hall

Regardless of the weather, you can of course also put your skills to the test in one of the halls and let off steam.

  • Camping Sölden (in-house climbing wall, climbing area 85m², indoor)
  • Imst climbing center (22m high, climbing area 2732m² indoor and outdoor)
  • Imst Steinblock (bouldering hall 750m² bouldering area, indoor)

Climbing courses – our partner will hand you the rope

Start with the right grip and kick. Learn theory and technology from the best of the best. State-certified guides who have a lot of choice in store for climbing rockies and experienced people. Whether top rope or lead, these guys will take you to the top.

The climbing wall is really nice too

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