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Camping Sölden – then & today

50 years camping in Sölden

In 2013, we celebrated our 50th anniversary. In the last 50 years, the campsite in Ötztal has put up some important milestones:

  • It all started in 1961. At that time the first soldiers arrived with camping equipment to Sölden stationed there as a border guard. A Dutchman was aware of the camper and asked Anton Gstrein to be allowed to stay there. In this request, the idea was to build a campground. There was an old service building on the campsite.
  • 15 years later, a modern sanitary building was put up and the Camping Sölden henceforth prepared for winter tourism, too.
  • With the glacier opening in 1977, Sölden developed into a popular autumn and winter skiing destination.
  • With the arrival of the aerobics-hype in the 1980s, terms such as wellness and well-being became ever more prevalent. Back then we extended our site to include a sauna, ski and washing-up room.
  • In 1993, the entire facility was renovated. By removing rocks (2,500 m³) and earth depositing, more space was created and terraces constructed. In addition, the entire facility together with the building was brought up to the latest standard with innovative and technical innovations, so that in many areas we took on a pioneering role.