Camping Sölden - then & now

The history of Camping Sölden

Passionate hosts for more than 55 years

The first campers

It all began in 1961, when soldiers came to Sölden with camping equipment for the first time and were stationed there as border guards. A Dutch guest became aware of the campers and asked Anton Gstrein to be allowed to stay there too. In response to this request, the idea of ​​building a campsite came up. Afterwards, a spartan sanitary building was erected on the undivided and hilly site.

Developments over time

  • Fifteen years later, a modern sanitary building was built and from then on our campsite was also equipped for winter tourism.
  • With the opening of the glacier in 1977, Sölden has developed into a popular autumn and winter skiing destination.
  • With the aerobic hype in the 1980’s, the terms wellness and well-being came more and more to the fore. At that time, we expanded our space to include a sauna, ski- and dishwasher room.
  • In 1993 the entire facility was renovated. By removing rocks (2,500 m³) and backfilling over 10,000m³, more space was created and the beautiful terraces were created.
  • Then the entire system including the building was brought up to date with innovative and technical innovations, so that we took a pioneering position in many areas.
  • 2001 W-LAN for the first time on the entire site.
  • Winter tourism increased more and more.
  • 2008 Expansion and redesign of the wellness area.
  • 2017 Generation change and son Lukas took over the flourishing business.
  • 2018 Expansion of the bike offer.
  • 2019 New construction of the 2,000 m² underground car park under the camping site to use the extremely limited space twice.
  • 2020 Commissioning of the now larger offer of comfort and premium pitches.
  • 2022 Renewal and extension from the main building.