Ski tour

Explore the Ötztal mountain world!

Skitours in Sölden

The popular sport of ski touring is becoming more and more popular every year.

With the proper gear, wonderful ski tours await you in the Ötztal loacilities of Sölden, Vent, Niederthai and Ötz.

High up on the mountains, pristine nature with bizarre hillsides, rock and ice summits await you.

Guided ski tours are very recommendable, as the trained and experienced guide greatly increases the safety as well as the experience.


Observe the up-to-date avalanche warning level in Tirol.

Info Our tip: For non-experienced ski tourers or beginners, we recommend booking a mountain or skiing guide locally.

A guide will bring you safely up the most scenic ski touring peaks in the Ötztal alpine world.(e.g.: Wildspitze, Weisskugel, Hintere Schwärze, Hochfirst, etc.)